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Reach every growth goal and beyond with the most comprehensive and cost-effective property management platform designed to scale with your business.

E-kodi is a simple easy to use application that enables the property owners and managers to keep track of all rental based activities and communication.

The cloud based solution makes it possible for administrators to manage the full cycle of a tenant in one simple solution


Sign Up

Simply click the register link, select a package and fill in your details. Its that simple, No Downpayment, No Setup fees, just SIGN UP

Setup Account

Add your Mobile billing details, Authentication details if a business or individual for validation

Add Property and Tenants

Add property units, their existing tenants if any, and lease documents. Make it easy for tenants to find your property and rent.

Manage Property (from anywhere,anytime)

When the setup is done, you can start managing the tenancy using the advanced features we have in place that track, payments, support tickets raised, bulk sms and property status.


Easy, affordable pricing starting at Ksh. 30/= per unit, per month. Three packages to choose from with no hidden fees.


E-kodi provides the visibility into property performance that your owners need, and the communication system that your tenants want.


Save time, money and resources by automating everything from your To-Do list, such as tasks, reports and fees. More like having a personal assistant. Focus on growth.


Your data is of utmost importance, and E-kodi knows how to protect it. We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art data center with redundancy, backup monitoring and diagnostic systems so you don’t have to worry. Transactions are done using secure protocols as well.

Manager & Tenant portals

Property Owners, Managers and Tenants have their own portals, for ease in communication, issue tracking and billing.

Automated Billing and Payment Reconciliation

Tired of reconciling payments done! E-kodi does these for you automatically, from invoice generation, payment tracking and mobile money payment reconciliation in one application.

Syndicate listing (free marketing)

For higher occupancy rates, E-kodi takes care of getting you tenants through the listing portals, email newsletters, online marketing campaigns and our agents network.

Communication Channels & Tracking

From when a tenant applies for a property to when they vacate, you will be able to track every communication of their tenancy, through BULK SMS, EMAILS and ISSUE TRACKING

Over 500+ Property Managers are using E-kodi to automate their business.

Take Control with One Solution

E-kodi is affordable, flexible and scalable, offering easy pricing for a best-in-class solution. With E-kodi, it’s not what you can’t do, it’s what you can.

MPESA Gateway & Reconciliation

Ekodi integrates MPESA Paybill for automated reconciliation

Automated Invoicing

System generated invoices, receipts done both automatically or manually

Financial Reports

Rental reports per property unit, per tenant generated with one click of a button

Tenant Support

Improved customer service through issue tracking, use of tickets in resolving issues.

Promotional Marketing

Free marketing, for higher occupancy rates, we have a listing portal and marketing cannels.

Tenant Portals

E-kodi offers a powerful solution for managers, tenants and owners with 24/7 account access—all with real-time visibility

Bulk SMS & Emails

Send bulk SMS at cheap pricing, bulk emails to tenants with a click


To-do modules, Calendar and appointment tracking to make sure you work on the move.

E-kodi Support

We have your back, we go the extra mile to make sure you excel.


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