Is listing property on e-Kodi free?

Yes, listing Properties on e-kodi.com is free of charge. We only charge for using the property management features

Why should I use E-kodi for management?

E-Kodi provides a wide range of benefits here are a few;

  • Online Leases
  • Online property reservations and waiting lists
  • Online Billing
  • Custom searches; brings the tenants to your property
  • Continuous marketing for your vacant units
  • Online ticketing or simply property "issue tracking"
  • Remote management

What is an Online Lease?

This is use of an electronic certificate to keep track of online contracts between a property owner or manager and their tenant

What happens after applying for property

The property owner or manager gets notified of your request. they will contact you for more details.

Are the Property Owners and Managers Verified?

Yes, we verify the authenticity of every property and their owners before listing them online